Why pass 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance or Laws?

Under the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution states may nullify federal laws that are unconstitutional. It is entirely appropriate for state and local acts to be passed regarding unconstitutional federal gun control. Because the feds rely heavily on the assistance of state and local elected officials and law officers to enforce federal measures, passing local ordinances and state laws banning such assistance will make federal gun control “nearly impossible to enforce.”

The strategy to protect 2nd Amendments rights takes a step-by-step approach, with each step building on the last, until all federal gun control is nullified in practice within the state.


Adopt the “2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance” on the county and community level.

All local communities can begin this process immediately. With some sheriffs already announcing that they will not participate in the enforcement of new federal gun control, the time is now to get this on the books – so that a future newly elected official cannot change course.


Pass state laws that ban state enforcement of specific current and/or future federal gun measures.

This builds on local ordinances by adding state authority. For instance, a bill introduced in Louisiana in 2014 would have authorized possession of short-barreled firearms without federal registration. Another example is Idaho, which was the first state to pass a law prohibiting the state from taking any action, or providing any resources, to enforce or assist in the enforcement of future federal gun measures. S.1332 was passed with Gov. Otter signing it in March 2014.

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